walking on moonbeams
and staring out to sea

+kelly i like broadway and british tv./ yeah we all shine on / like the moon / and the stars / and the sun / +

youshineillshineforyou replied to your photoset “kitchen selfies because I took senior portraits today and actually…”

so you’ve started your modeling career?

hahahahahHAHA no /in my dreams but thanks dear <33

L E T ’ S  B E  B A D 

1/7 scenes/quotes: 
"Mom! Mom! Look at this pig!" "Okay."
"And this watermelon!"
"Wow, it’s as big as the pig."


☺ - My first URL, ✞ - How many likes do you have?

☺ - I answered it here (too embarrassing to post again)

✞ - 1,750 but I’m working on reducing them because that’s just an insane amount of likes to have

Rent. heart.

Rent. heart.

"Don’t try to be anyone else but yourself, because you are singular, and your greatest asset is your individuality.

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