walking on moonbeams
and staring out to sea

+kelly i like broadway and british tv./ yeah we all shine on / like the moon / and the stars / and the sun / +

I really want someone to make a musical about birds so the catch phrase can be “a new birdway musical”


so it’s a giveaway i guess. this was actually meant for when i hit 1k followers now it’s like a 1.1k oops. i love you all so much ♥

the stuff i’m giving away

⋆ 4 newsies gaybills
⋆ a newsies playbill signed by the entire cast
⋆ three book of mormon playbills
⋆ two matilda playbills (not pictured)
⋆ a boatload of flyers like i have so many take them
⋆ 500+ notes and i’ll throw in a gaybill shirt shown here x

tha rules (i know boring stuff)

⋆ mbf me
⋆ the giveaway is worldwide
⋆ there will be 8 winners, each getting 1 playbill and two flyers (if they wish), choosing in the order i picked them
⋆ giveaway ends september 2nd, 2014 @ 11:59pm EST (the first day of school!)
⋆ reblogs only, sorry man i’m not popular enough, you may like for reference though
⋆ must be willing to give out your address, etc.
⋆ no giveaway blogs, why even?
⋆ uh, am i forgetting anything…
⋆ any questions, hmu here x
⋆⋆⋆⋆ good luck! ⋆⋆⋆⋆

Frozen’ prince charms crowd in Tabernacle Choir’s summer show


I don’t understand when I’m talking about a musical and someone asks me “how do you make a musical about that?” like the second longest running show on Broadway is 100% people dressed as cats believe me anything can be a musical

get to know me meme → five musicals → 02; Cinderella

friends meme: 3/4 friendships · monica, phoebe, and rachel

"I love you goddesses."

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