walking on moonbeams
and staring out to sea

+kelly i like broadway and british tv./ yeah we all shine on / like the moon / and the stars / and the sun / +


Since I went on a trip to New York last weekend, and I grabbed a ton of extra playbills and flyers, I decided to do a back-to-school giveaway! 


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  • ends September 13 at midnight EST


Each winner gets:

  • their choice of two playbills
  • as many flyers as they like (I have two or three of each pictured)

Good luck!


musical theatre female character meme [8/15] • a female character in a drama

→ francesca johnson  the bridges of madison county

at twenty-one, a girl begins
to grasp the world and how it spins
she grabs a box of safety pins
and builds herself a home


writing papers for elementary foreign language classes makes me feel so dumb because in english i’m fairly articulate but i literally just wrote in german: “I have a door. the door is big. the door is brown. i have a room.” i’m handing this in for a grade.


Newsies 3/29/12 - 8/24/14

"I believe people are remembered by what we leave behind in the hearts of others. If the same can be said of a show, then Newsies will leave a lifetime of memories in many of our hearts.Now that’s ‘Something to Believe In.’”

-Jeff Calhoun, Newsies Director

My life continues to be packed with these very surreal moments, it’s so overwhelming. Broadway, man! It’s crazy!” xx

once musical: minimalist poster

once musical: minimalist poster

Costume Appreciation - Pippin

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