walking on moonbeams
and staring out to sea
+kelly i like broadway and british tv. adam wesley brown's cool i guess / yeah we all shine on / like the moon / and the stars / and the sun / +

friendly reminder i have a master list of every once bootleg audio (full shows) that i could get my hands on (west end/broadway/tour) of like every cast ever so feel free to hmu if you wanna see the list w/ download links

Title: When Your Mind's Made Up
Artist: Paul Nolan, Joanna Christie, et al.
Played: 12 times


"When Your Mind’s Made Up" | Paul Nolan, Joanna Christie, et al. (April 10, 2014)

Arthur Darvill and Joanna Christie in Once


[ jesus bursts out of the tomb ] no, nO, NO I’M ALIVE I’M ALIVE I AM SO ALIVE

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